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HBO's Cathouse

Aug. 29th, 2005

07:54 pm - Yippee!!!

Oh happy days!!! A cathouse community!!! I can't believe there aren't more people on it!!

Just thought I'd introduce myself My name is Missy. I'm from Minneapolis, MN.
I sell sex toys and read tarot cards.
I love movies, partying, music, champagne, joaquin phoenix, glitter and boobs.

As for the cathouse, I'm hooked on that show, thank Goddess for On Demand!
I love Isabella and Danielle. I think Airforce Amy may be eating paint chips.

Just thought I'd say hi.



...make money money make money money make money... .

Aug. 28th, 2005

04:11 pm - Just Wondering

Does anyone have an idea how to get a good picture of Isabella Soprano? I've looked everywhere and it's difficult. I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

01:24 pm - Why Exactly?

Why do you like Isabella? What makes HER stand out?
I like her the most because of her smile, And she
don't walk around with the attitude that alot of
the other girls have....like I'm the hottest 1 here
kinda attitude...cough*max*cough :)

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Aug. 26th, 2005

11:07 am - Katie the Cathouse fan

Hi Guys,
I'm new to this community so I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. Cathouse is one of my favorite HBO shows, and being a sociologist, it gives me a social perspective on the lives of sex workers. I didn't get a chance to see Thursday's episode, but it should be on tonight, so I'll try to catch it later. Anyhow, did anyone else think that it was amusing when Airforce Amy threw a tantrum and decided to leave? I have nothing against her, but I couldn't help noticing that she was acting like a spoiled child who was jealous because "daddy" wasn't paying enough attention to her. Actually, I was kind of sad to see her go. She made the show pretty amusing. There's nothing like a good catfight to get the audience involved in a show! I have another question for you guys, how long is Bridget going to stay at the cathouse? She's not a permenant girl, is she?

Take care everyone,


12:32 pm - The last Cathouse?

Well what did you think of the show last night?
I thought it was alright...Thee most footage of
Monica Morris ever! which I'm glad they finally
gave her more time on! I think Dennis Hof may
be considering a couple pay-per-view events (my idea :)
and he said he was gonna talk to Howard Stern & see
how his shows fared on PPV. He wants to keep HBO,
But if their gonna dick around then he will give
them the axe! either way I'll still watch, I don't care
if the series goes to the Spice channel or Playboy
or whatever I'll follow.
Okay so do you think that was the last show?
and/or how was it?
What was your favorite show this season?
Hmmmm thinking back I'd say mine was...right off
the top of my head....The one when Sunset Thomas
was teaching those older women how to masterbate
amongst other things. That was some good shit! ;)

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Aug. 23rd, 2005

11:42 am - Chat Forum

Well the other day I was just looking around the
bunnyranch chat area at all the things people were writing
and I forget which subject this one comment was under
but it was titled Isabella Soprano (just like at least 3
others) and some guy wrote something like "she's hot but
she needs to lose 20 lbs. and she screws black guys which
is a huge turn off!"
Everyone just gave some lame comments back, nothing to harsh...
But I was sooo pissed! How dare he! say Isabella is overweight?
What is she like 5'6 and 125-130 lbs. (maybe?) I responded
saying she is by far the most popular woman/subject on this site,
So the world must finally be accepting "CURVY" women as sexy!
(which I always knew they were) Then I proceeded to give my own
personal theory...Let me know if you agree with it.....:
If a man prefers a skinny/tiny ass woman than he:
1. Is a closet homo-sexual. &
2. Has a dinky winky and a small ass makes him feel
like he actually has a big one!
If a man prefers more voluotous/curvy/big assed woman
than he:
1. Has a nice big tool and can deliver an awesome pounding! or
2. May be average in size but is confident with his manhood & ability.

Whadah think? That's been my theory for YEARS!
Anyways I got an e-mail from Dennis and the site Administrator
Bob basically saying not to respond to negative comments left
on the site but to instead cut & paste them in an email to
Bob and he'll delete them....Okay? I was like the 5th respondant
to that retard! how come THEY didn't kick his ass? Oh well
I think they just deleted the whole convo. cuz I can't find
it anymore.
Thursday is the finale showing of Cathouse...Can't wait!

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Aug. 21st, 2005

10:56 am - Isabella wins!

In the chat section (formely the forum section) on bunnyranch.com
She has 3 pages of comments! (twice more than any other girl!)
Okay so now here's another:

Who on the show do you think is the Most Annoying?

My vote is Roller Max (aka Max)
I vote for her because she thinks she's better than all the other
women...Like when she said that she thinks Chantel's piercings
make her look cheap. I'm sorry but Max's eyebrows, make her look
like she's a reject from a circus act! She has no room to talk!

Give your opinion.

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Aug. 19th, 2005

03:08 pm

i wrote Dennis an email to say that I really liked the show and that it sucks that HBO won't allow him to do any outside promotions (see this AVN article)...

he wrote back within the hour and we had a quick convo...he's really nice. made me wanna watch the show even more.


Aug. 18th, 2005

04:26 pm

Hey Hot Momma I think It is Andee Andersin?
You should post a linky to this at the Bunnyranch forums.
Maybe we could get some of the ladies to start blogging? That would rule.
Oh I'm LolaSimone Over there.
Love Love Love,Lola

03:18 pm - Hello

This is my 1st community and I'm still figuring things out,
So please bare with me :)

Ok Who is your "VERY" favorite Bunny (only pick one)?

Mine is Isabella Soprano.
Who is yours? and if you know how to put pics up, please

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